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October 22, 2021

Domestic telecom market, 4th in Europe in terms of service expansion

The internet broadband currently covers 90 pc of the national territory, Regulatory Authority Director Gheorghe Rusen told.
Telecommunication services showed important growth this year at European level, Romania ranking 4th, programme director in Telecommunications at IDC UK, John Gole, told a press conference on Monday. “With Russia being the single country that stands out, it can be said that the region shows a common tendency that reflects the situation in Europe at large. The industry is going through some tough times, one of the reasons being the new regulations that were introduced. There happened a few things in the regulations area. For instance the European Union operated a cut in the tariffs for the mobile telecom. These cuts in tariffs triggered new challenges in the mobile telecom industry’, said Gole.
According to an analysis of the European Union, published late in August 2013, Romania has some of the lowest tariffs for mobile telecom services in the region, with an average tariff charged of 2.2 eurocents per minute, surpassed only by Lithuania, with 1.9 eurocents. At the opposite, the Netherlands is the most expensive country, with a value of 14.7 eurocents per minute, followed by Luxembourg (with 14.6 eurocents), Belgium (13.8 eurocents), Malta and Spain (each with 13 eurocents). The average coast of mobile calls per minute at the European Union level is 9.1 eurocents.
Also, National Communications Administrative and Regulatory Authority (ANCOM) Director Gheorghe Rusen told the same conference that the internet broadband currently covers 90 percent of Romania’s territory, while 64 percent of those not using the internet generally say they do not need this service. From the ANCOM official data, released in the beginning of October, the communication services in Romania currently connect four million subscribers to the fixed telephony and over 25.5 million subscribers to the mobile telephony, and almost half of the households of Romania have a fixed interned connection and over 85 percent of them have a subscription to audio-visual programmes retransmission.

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