PNL backs investigation commission into president’s farmland purchase

The Liberals might be represented in this panel by MPs Ioan Cupsa, Traian Dobrinescu and Dorin-Mircea Dobra.
PNL president Crin Antonescu announced yesterday, after a meeting of the party leadership, that the Liberals are for the setting up the parliamentary panel that will investigate the case of the farmland purchased by the Ioana Basescu family (the eldest daughter of President Traian Basescu) in the Calarasi County, Mediafax reports. He mentioned that the final decision will be made by the parliamentary groups, but the political decision is to participate in this committee. Antonescu added that PNL will be represented in the panel by deputies Ioan Cupsa and Traian Dobrinescu, and senator Dorin-Mircea Dobra.
Asked if he maintains his proposal about the panel being chaired by PSD senator Ilie Sarbu (the father-in-law of PM Victor Ponta) Antonescu provided an affirmative answer. “I do, but I do not want this to be interpreted as my pressure upon PSD. It is up to PSD to decide, obviously, I only came with the proposal and, as far as I am concerned, this remains the best formula, but it is not for me to decide,” the liberal mentioned.
Crin Antonescu and the vice-presidents of PNL met yesterday at noon to discuss about the probing committee demanded by PSD in the case of the acquisition by President Traian Basescu’s daughter of 290.41 hectares of farmland in the Calarasi County, with a mortgage loan on 30 years. The proposition to form this panel, made by PSD, stirred a row within USL last week, which ended towards the end of the week, following the statements made by the PNL leader in a press conference. At that moment, Antonescu said that he received the draft document on setting up the probing committee but had not read it yet, as a decision with this regard was due to be made during the meeting of the PNL leadership with the executive vice-presidents.
At the beginning of last week, the leadership of the Senate approved, with 10 votes to 1 and 2 abstentions, the forming of a sub-committee within the Committee for budget and finance, which would investigate the operations of CEC Bank, following the row sparked by the loan granted to the daughter of President Traian Basescu. The sub-committee will look into the activity of CEC Bank in order to find out whether the loan extended to Ioana Basescu was granted in preferential conditions or not. The proposal was made by PSD senator Cosmin Nicula.
Subsequently, President Traian Basescu said that the Calarasi farmland was acquired in legal conditions, as a family business, because he would not have made illegalities, and USL is only playing a political game.

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