Predoiu: “Ponta stopped the reforms initiated by PDL”

Democrat-liberal Catalin Predoiu, former Justice Minister with the Boc government, said that the reforms initiated by PDL in the most important sectors were stopped by the Victor Ponta government because of the ruling coalition’s “interests.” “PDL did not stray from the political line initiated in 2004, from reforming the judiciary, the rule of law, the health and education sectors. Unfortunately, the reforms have been stopped by the Ponta government. Any leftist government prefers keeping the population in a state of economic and social dependence. As for other right-wing parties, it is important for us to share the same projects, to concentrate our efforts on the opposition to USL and to the Ponta government,” Catalin Predoiu said. Catalin Predoiu and Gheorghe Falca, the mayor of Arad, presented Tuesday their programmes for the presidential elections of next year, in case any of them is designated by the party to run for the supreme office in the state.

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