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January 31, 2023

Roboscan 2M Aeria – first prize in Invention Award Gala

Roboscan 2M Aeria, created by a MB Telecom team, having won the great prize in Geneva this year, was ranked first in the Invention Award Gala. The invention is a unique worldwide technology, which can X-ray in just a few minutes the fuselage and the wings of an airplane, in order to identify any smuggled goods or threatening objects on board or hidden in the technical cavities of the aircraft. The product was developed over four years by a team coordinated by MB Telecom and CEECAI CEO Mircea Tudor, made up of 20 specialists in nuclear physics, industrial electronics, software, automation, hydraulics, mechanical structures, automobile techniques, data transmission and processing. The Romanian invention was awarded the Grand Prix of the 41st edition of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in 2013. The second prize of the evening at the Invention Award Gala went to Purtech team for the magnetic drum separator.
The third prize also went to the MB Telecom team, for the invention ‘Security method and system for the use of magnetic stripe cards.’
The invention is concerned with a method and system of security in using magnetic stripe cards, for preventing the theft of the information saved on the stripe. The method, according to the invention, consists of taking over the magnetic stripe card in a perpendicular position from the currently used position and turning it by 90 degrees, followed by its introduction in the usual flow, which makes any data copying device useless, as, for reading, it needs the translation of the magnetic stripe over a reading head.
Besides a diploma and a trophy, the winners also received a material compensation worth EUR 2,000 for the first prize, EUR 1,500 for the second prize and EUR 1,000 s for the third prize.

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