Basescu pays private visit to Chisinau, congratulates Moldovans for EU step

Until recently, Romanian President Traian Basescu had been ‘worried’ that he might have ended his second term-in-office too, without the Republic of Moldova’s having set off on the road to the European Union, but he added that once the EU Association Agreement was initialed, such a risk no longer exists.
‘I am glad that you, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova have given me the opportunity to end my second term peacefully, since the second Romanian state goes after the first one into the EU’, Basescu told a reception organized last Friday at the Romanian Embassy in Chisinau on the occasion of the National Day of Romania celebrated on December 1.
Also attending the event were Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti and Mircea Snegur, the first president after the neighbouring country had declared independence in 1991.
Before that, the Romanian President Traian Basescu said, also, in joint remarks for reporters in Vinius with his Moldovan counterpart Nicolae Timofti that his visit to the neighbouring country is ‘an extremely unplanned one’, which proves that ‘sometimes, a Romanian president’s road from the Lithuanian capital to Bucharest passes through Chisinau’. It is the seal of approval of their option, the option of a majority of the Republic of Moldova’s citizens, to head towards their historical place, namely to be anchored in Europe’, Basescu said at Chisinau airport. He underscored, however, that the fact Moldova has initialed the EU Association Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement ‘is not a final option’ and added the ‘road to integration is long and often difficult’.
Moldovan President Timofti was present to Bucharest on Sunday to attend the celebrations dedicated to the National Day of Romania, thus honouring an invitation extended by the Romanian president. ‘The valuable support of Romania and of yours personally for the achievement of this strategic project counts for us enormously. Romania, alongside other European partners, has constantly pleaded the Republic of Moldova’s cause. In this way, we have been able to advance on the route to European integration fast,’ Timofti said.

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