Min Grapini: Too few tourism investors include promotional strategies in their business plans

Too few tourism investors include promotional strategies in their business plans, while inns conduct the most aggressive publicity campaigns, Maria Grapini, Minister of SMEs and Tourism, stated yesterday. “Perhaps urban business owners think they are well-known already and don’t need to promote themselves,” she said. Grapini went on to say she does not know whether investors are waiting for the state to do advertising for them, which would be wrong, because “you can’t have such expectations when you don’t provide all the information.” She claims she has sent letters to county council chairmen and mayors, requesting information on their tourism database which tourism authorities should try to include in their promotional campaigns.
Maria Grapini also announced she intends to make use of Bucharest’s spa potential, after Elena Udrea, former Minister of Tourism, had stated early in her mandate that she planned to turn Bucharest into a spa city. “I’ve talked to mayor Sorin Oprescu, because you, the press, probably already know Bucharest has balneal potential. There is a thermal water public swimming pool behind Casa Presei that has been abandoned to some extent due to ambiguities of ownership,” Grapini explained at the Danube International Tourism Conference.
She pointed out the Ministry has concluded a partnership with the Bucharest City Hall to develop several touristic products, including cultural tourism and city break tourism.
When asked what her opinion is on Udrea’s previous announcement in relation to using Bucharest’s resources in the field, Grapini replied no decision has been made in this respect. “I have set up a work group with my strategic division and Mr. Oprescu. As far as the balneal potential is concerned, research should be conducted at the balneal water source to clarify the matter of ownership once and for all and see if the property can be taken over by the city hall or the district city hall,” Grapini concluded.

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