FSLI postpones general strike until the second semester of the school year

The Federation of Free Trade Unions of Education (FSLI) postponed a planned general strike until the second semester of the school year, because the consultation of FSLI members could not be completed until the draft state budget for next year was debated in Parliament. “The high-level political row generated precisely by this draft law led to the adoption, in an unjustified manner, of the Law of the State Budget for 2014, after less than 20 hours of debate in Parliament. Given the short time available to trade unions for consulting all their 173,000 members, we were unable to consult all of them. According to data received from affiliated unions, approximately 50 pc of the some 70 pc of the members who were consulted were in favour of going on general strike as of 9 December 2013,” reads a communique.

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