President and MPs excluded from the public workers’ category of the Penal Code

Yesterday, a bill draft by which the President and MPs are no longer included in the public workers’ category stipulated in the Penal Code was adopted in the Chamber of Deputies. The bill draft was introduced on the additional agenda of the Chamber and was voted on without a published commission report or plenum debate.
The Legal Commission drafted the report late Monday during the same controversial secret meeting at which the Amnesty bill draft was adopted. This refers to the bill draft to repeal Art. 74, item 1 of the Penal Code, in relation to which several amendments have been adopted. In other words, if MPs are excluded from the category of public workers, DNA or the Prosecutor’s Office will no longer be able to investigate them for corruption charges as applicable to public workers, such as abuse of office or conflict of interests, according to Hotnews. The president of the National Integrity Agency (ANI) Horia Georgescu, said the amendments will blow away the criminal files drawn up by ANI regarding the conflicts of interests.

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