President Basescu points at USL parliamentary majority – they’re carrying on the coup d’état started last summer

President Traian Basescu stated Tuesday evening, during a press conference at Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest, that the parliamentary majority made up by the Social-liberal Union (USL) is carrying on the coup d’état started last summer, which failed. ‘Now, they’re doing it using different methods, claiming democracy,’ Basescu said. The head of state said the politicians believe they are above the law. His reactions came as on Tuesday the parliament attempted to vote several controversial laws.
One of them was the one claiming the president and the MPs are no longer civil servants. President Basescu said Tuesday evening that he will send back the law back to the parliament, considering the fact that ‘we cannot confuse the Presidency and the Parliament with some Northern train Station boutique.’
Basescu said he is going to reject such amendments to the criminal code. ‘A close look will show other subtleties of the changes intended today,’ he said.
The head of state underlined the amendments intended on Tuesday by the Chamber of Deputies are really ‘dramatic’ and are aiming at ‘putting down tens of years of work carried out by the anti-corruption institutions.’

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