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October 18, 2021

Basescu admits CEC loan and Mihaileanu apartment are ‘controversial’ matters

“I’m not saying I am a saint, but everything has its limit,” he says.
President Traian Basescu stated he never claimed he was a “saint,” adding that the apartment in Mihaileanu and the CEC loan for the farmland purchased by his daughter in Nana locality (Calarasi County) are controversial, albeit perfectly legal matters. Everything has its limit, he underlined, and what matters is the cost of peace between the Presidency and the Prime Minister. “I appreciated the fact that he took a step back,” Basescu commented yesterday at ‘Adevarul Live’ on PM Victor Ponta’s announcement that he would temporarily postpone the introduction of the Diesel fuel excise tax, pointing out peace between the two institutions should not be attained at any cost.
“Absolute peace could be achieved if I choose not to say anything about the excise tax. ‘Just hand me the budget draft, I’ll sign it and give it to you, even though I know you’re stealing public money to use in your campaign. Send me the Penal Code amendments and I’ll promulgate them too tomorrow.’ In that case, we would have wonderful peace. Both you and me. Is peace acceptable under any condition?” the President asked rhetorically. Basescu continued by saying he is not in any way nervous about the investigation commission, which will only reveal “how land can be purchased fairly.” “I’m not saying I am a saint. How I came into the possession of the apartment in Mihaileanu is controversial. It was in accordance with the law, but ethically controversial. Now, there’s the controversy about my daughter’s loan, which was obviously granted legally. To conclude, I’m not speaking as if I were a saint, but everything has its limit,” the President underlined.
“There is a grotesque lack of communication in Pungesti “
On a change of topic, Traian Basescu criticized the lack of communication with protesters against American company Chevron’s shale gas exploration in Pungesti, Vaslui County. He went on to say he sympathizes with them, underlining that protesters should have been clearly informed on what was going to happen, and in particular on how extraction technology has evolved. “I understand those people, especially given that, for three years, PSD mayors and leaders at the community center have talked relentlessly about the destruction in that area (…) Discussions should be had with those people; the Government should undertake this dialog and take responsibility for the lies they ‘ve told people,” Basescu said. In his opinion, part of the Government’s royalty fee “needs” to go to members of that community.
We should definitely forget about a possible accession to Schengen
Traian Basescu stated late Wednesday on B1 TV that “we should definitely forget about a possible accession to Schengen,” because the MCV report will be “very negative” with respect to the Parliament’s activity. He said he can imagine what the report will say, “lack of political will in the fight against corruption.” “With such labels, a country cannot gain credibility within the European Union,” the Head of State added.
On another topic, when asked about his previous statements regarding unification with the Republic of Moldavia, Basescu replied he would handle this project when his term ends. The President underlined he believes in this idea and is convinced that Romania needs the Republic of Moldavia and vice-versa to achieve speedier and safer progress in European matters. “At this time, it is not something that could be materialized,” Traian Basescu said, adding that while 70 percent of Romanians are in favor of the unification, the percentage of Moldavians is much below 50 percent.
On the other hand, he stated he would not take part in the swearing in ceremony of Lucian Bolcas as judge of the Constitutional Court, as he finds it “inadmissible” for “a man with his mentality” to be appointed at the Constitutional Court.
The President’s statements were made after Bolcas was implicated in an Elie Wiesel Institute report on anti-Semitism and denial of the Holocaust in Romania. Early Thursday, Senate Chairman Crin Atonescu stated at a press conference that “we need to clarify Traian Basescu’s allegations of anti-Semitism,” after only the day before he had declared he approved of Lucian Bolcas’s appointment at the Constitutional Court, as the latter is a “renowned public figure.”

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