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May 16, 2022

Teenage girl from Suceava weighs 16 kilograms

A shocking case was revealed by doctors in Iasi, after a 19-year-old girl weighing just 16 kilograms was hospitalized after her schizophrenic mother fed her only milk and sugary water. The girl has a height of 118 centimeters, which is the typical height of a 6 or 7-year-old, and a weight of just 16 kilograms, stirileprotv.ro informs. The doctors have stated that the girl has serious nutritional deficiencies and mental disability caused by the unnatural relationship with her mother who forcibly treated her as an infant. According to the doctors, the teenage girl talks like a 3-year-old, has bad teeth, her hair did not grow, she does not socialize. The girl has a twin sister who grew up normally, having a height of 160 centimeters and weighing 50 kilograms, and who is socially integrated. Accompanying her to hospital, the girl’s sister offered mindboggling explanations, stating that her sister was the one who refused to eat. The mayor of the girl’s home locality confirms that the girl’s family “did everything possible to help her” however the young girl refused to eat and the doctors were unable to handle her case. In their turn, the authorities admit that they were aware of this case. Moreover, the girl is officially considered handicapped and is periodically evaluated by a commission.

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