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December 6, 2022

Actor Radu Beligan celebrates his 95th anniversary, 75 years of acting career

On the occasion of his 95th anniversary, maestro Radu Beligan (75 years of acting career), was celebrated on Saturday in the Timpului Square downtown the Romanian capital city, through the unveiling of a monument representing the symbol of the theatre – Thalia’s Gong – numerous friends and tens of admirers attending the event.
Bucharest Mayor, Sorin Oprescu, told the maestro that he was ‘a national treasure’ and wished him to stay in good shape and also many more anniversaries to come.
‘Happy Birthday! Maestro, may God give you strength! Your are a national treasure, we respect and we love you, maestro. Let God give you health and to us many more occasions to celebrate you. Respectfully, we bow our heads in front of your career, your life and character that always remained dignified, while the fire that burns in you for this people, maestro, made us all, here and in other places too, gather to celebrate you and to wish you from the bottom of our hearts a warm Happy Birthday!’, said Oprescu, as quoted by Agerpres.
Before the moment when Radu Beligan had its speech, a monument was unveiled, measuring seven meters in height and having the names of 100 great Romanian actors inscribed on its foundation, such as Jean Georgescu, Jules Cazaban, Octavian Cotescu, Emil Bota, Alice Voinescu etc.
‘After three gong beats, here comes the actor. Today, we invite Radu Beligan’, said George Ivascu, the Director of the Metropolis Theatre, who presented the one in the honour of whom the Thalia’s Gong monument was unveiled.
‘As I believe most of you already know, I am celebrating today my 95th anniversary. A lifetime, almost an entire century I spend in the service of Thalia. Don’t ask me where all that time go, because in theatre time is relative, years pass like moments, while moments sometimes seem to be years. What is clear is that, after all this time, I can say with obvious satisfaction that I have devoted my entire existence to a noble profession still having its place of honour in the hearts of Romanians,’ said maestro Radu Beligan.
Radu Beligan was brought to the event in Timpului Square by an antique car, a Triumph built 1939, with its wheel on the right side. A numerous audience attended this event.
On Sunday evening, Beligan chose to celebrate his birthday on Metroplis Theatre stage, by playing in the new in the new “Cello lesson” performance directed by Felix Alexa.
On Sunday, right after the “Egoist” show, directed and played by Radu Beligan, the maestro received the title of the longest-lived acting actor from Guinness World Records.

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