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March 24, 2023

Hotel of Ice Balea Lac- Baroque in Ice

The grand opening of the 9th season of Romania’s unique Hotel of Ice Balea Lac, the only hotel of this kind in south-eastern Europe, will take place on December 25, 2013, according to a press release. This season, as all the other seasons, has a motto “Baroque in Ice”, which will be mirrored in all the events organized at this edition.
The entire construction of the future hotel will respect the theme promoted for this edition, with both the exterior of the building and its interior showing some of the architectural elements specific to the Baroque style throughout Europe.
The 12 rooms of the Balea Lac Hotel of Ice will bear the names of major political, cultural figures or famous artists from the Baroque period, or the name of an emblematic item for this style. The style will also be mirrored in the design of each room.
Some of these famous people are Samuel Von Brukenthal, Louis the Great (The Sun King), Marie Antoinette, Maria Theresa, Antonio Vivaldi, Bach, Rembrandt, Voltaire, Moliere. There will also be a room bearing the name of the famous Vienna-based Schonbrunn Palace.
In addition, the names and decorations of the three rooms included in the igloo complex built near the hotel will be inspired from the Baroque period. The visitors opting for these rooms will recall the famous musketeers, D’Artagnan, Athos and Porthos.

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