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December 5, 2022

Welcome to the World!

Although she already has two children and a precarious financial situation, Anca couldn’t bear to end her last pregnancy and gave birth to a baby girl.
Her living conditions, poor hygiene and lack of constant medical monitoring caused a premature birth at only 27 weeks, with a weight of just 900 grams.
For little Mary it was much too early to be born so her life then, depended on an incubator that could offer her vital care for normal development.
Her mother, being in love with the little bundle of joy, chose to watch daily with hope in her soul, the little girl fighting for her life and every day is passed was a victory for them.
Anca knows it is a difficult time, but she’s convinced that the medical staff and the incubator donated by Save the Children will help her girl to approach step by step the moment of going home, where their family is expecting them.
„I thought I might lose Maria but now I see how she gains weight every day and she is a fighter.”
This is one of the great stories that we enjoy, alongside the small fighters and their parents, it’s the joy of helping as many children in Romania as we can. Maria is one of the beneficiaries of the campaign launched last year, “Welcome to the world”. In 2013 we managed to equip 15 maternities with incubators, equipment so necessary to saving lives.
This year also, Save the Children launched a fundraising campaign “Welcome to the world”, meant to equip 25 maternities with incubators throughout Romania, thus helping to prevent child mortality and to support pregnant women and mothers in 15 communities to give birth to healthy children and to help raise their children.
Although the infant mortality rate in Romania has decreased significantly during 1990-2012, both as a percentage and as absolute numbers, 8471 deaths in 1990, 2250 in 2009 and 1812 in 2012, Romania remains in the first place in the European Union with an infant mortality rate of 9 per 1,000 live births in 2012 (according to the National Institute of Statistics). Worldwide, a child dies every four seconds. In our country a child under a year old, dies every 5 hours and a leading cause of infant mortality is premature birth. Mortality and life expectancy reflects the standard of living and education of the population, access to health care, medicine and public health progress.
A third of these deaths can be prevented by developing support programs for mothers and children, and by providing advanced medical equipment to maternity and newborn sections. You too can contribute to equipping maternities by sending a text message to 8833 (2 Euros) or by donating online www.salvaticopiii.ro/ bunvenitpelume

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