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May 22, 2022

Celelalte Cuvinte and light black

Interview with Calin Pop, lead singer and guitarist of the band.
Sunday, in the famous Bucharest club Hard Rock Cafe, Celelalte Cuvinte band celebrated 32 years of activity during an extraordinary concert in front of a numerous and enthusiastic audience. The Oradea-based band held a two-part concert, the first devoted to its acoustic songs and the second bringing Celelalte Cuvinte back with their hits that made them famous. Hard Rock Cafe sounded with such songs as “Love Letters”, “Dragon’s Dinne”, “In Between Dreams”, “Stem”, “Stars”, “Those in the East”, “Breakup”, “Treasure”, “If you Want”, “Grass through your Hair”, some of them “translated” by the four legend musicians in an acoustic version, others in their original form.
Lead singer and guitarist of the band Calin Pop was so kind as to give and interview to our newspaper. We are grateful to Gala as well for this opportunity.

What do all these 32 years of music career represent? Which might be the future plans? Is there any new discography material in store for 2014?
There will be lots of future plans. It is a shame we don’t have time enough since music is a hobby for us, even if we live spiritually out of it, we don’t make a living out of it. We obviously do something else, because we want to do with our music what we feel best, and therefore we have to find a financial support elsewhere. A future plan is “The Acoustic” in October at Patria Cinema. We are going to release a DVD as well, we are trying to create an audio material. We hope it is going to sound good. Lately people are itching for a live album from us. We have only released studio material so far. I think this is a challenge. Not that there might be flaws, but because a live album is not like a studio song which is recorded until it sounds right. We crave for perfection, so that we try to adjust them reasonably so as the public could listen to them. Our fans are demanding and we try not to let them down. Where does originality come from? I couldn’t tell you that. Maybe from experience. We are our own censorship, for our image in the mirror. I am a relatively open person, and that might be a reason.

Which might be the album dearest to the band?

The albums are like newborn kids for us. You can’t tell you love one better and the other less, even if the public makes such differences, holds a song in higher esteem than another. Naturally, the latest album is always the favourite, you perform it with more gusto because it is more recent. Certainly performing the older songs gets a little tedious but you cannot do anything about it, because the public loves them and it is quite natural.

What is the relation of the band with the public? You have often mentioned about the respect between the band and the public.
As you could see tonight (Sunday, December 15), it has always been like that. We are demanding with ourselves and so is the public. We take the quality of the public into account. Respect is made, because you cannot put it any other way once you pay the ticket. Any place means a ticket, and that represents the respect of the public for the artist, and as for the band, they respect the public for this ticket they buy.

Which would be the essence of Celelalte Cuvinte band?
Essence is something you cannot put into words. Only through a pause, a secret.

I have never known how you came up with the name of the band. Why “Celelalte Cuvinte”?
It came up from the desire to be ourselves, to be different. The first name was more common. The core is still there. Guitar, vocal, bass, drums. It has been more than 32 years and it came up from the desire to be something else out of the ordinary.

If you had to characterize the band through a colour, which might that be?

Very hard to say. A light black. I don’t want to make a grey out of it, because grey is specific for Romania. So, what comes before grey, a little darker than grey.

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