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August 15, 2022

Non-refundable EU funds on SOP-T absorption rate almost doubles

The non-refundable European funds within the Sectoral Operational Programme Transports absorption rate, corresponding to 2007-2013 programming period, grew to 30.8 per cent, from 16 per cent, the level registered in August this year, at the takeover of the Transports Minister mandate by Ramona Manescu, Agerpres reports.
According to a Transports Ministry (MT) release, funds worth 596.8 million euros were drawn within the SOP-T in this interval, compared with 2007-2012, when the European funds amounted only to EUR 295 M. ‘When I took over the leadership of the Ministry, I planned as a main objective to increase the absorption of European funds and the results have already come into view. We reached a 30.8 percent rate, almost double compared with that at the moment of my mandate takeover. If we keep this pace, I am positive that we shall manage to draw the money earmarked in this programming period,’ Transports Minister Ramona Manescu said.
The time limit by which the non-refundable European funds corresponding to the Sectoral Operational Programme Transporta 2007-2013 is December 31, 2015, MT underscores.

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