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December 1, 2022

The average Romanian throws away 100 kilos of food per year, Agriculture Minister says

Food squandering and food waste are major problems of modern world and the annual food waste in Romania stands at five million tonnes, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Daniel Constantin declared, yesterday, in Chisinau, where he participated in informal consultations for the preparation of the upcoming Food and Agriculture Organization Regional Conference for Europe, Agerpres reports. Globally, 1.3 billion tonnes of food go lost and wasted every year, produced but uneaten food accounts for 30% of the world’s farmland, and economic costs (seafood and fish excluded) amount to 50 billion dollars, cautioned Daniel Constantin.
Europeans throw away on average 180 kilos of food per capita and year, and in Romania the average citizen throws away 100 kilos of food, said the Minister of Agriculture, who mentioned that 2014 was designated by the European Commission as the ‘European year against food waste’. The Romanian Red Cross has launched in 2009 a project under which food is collected and offered to people without income. ‘Before you throw a slice of bread because you don’t like how it looks, just think that there are people starving to death because they do not have this slice of bread,’ said Daniel Constantin.
In his speech, the Minister welcomed the organization of the meeting in Chisinau, mentioning that as a first, this was done in partnership by Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Constantin also hailed the recent development of Romania – Moldova relations and expressed Romania’s support for efforts to get the Moldovan agriculture in line with European standards.
The Moldovan Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Vasile Bumacov praised Romania’s move to help organize the meeting in Chisinau, mentioning that this is a good chance to raise for discussion and highlight the issues facing the region and the Republic of Moldova in particular. The meeting in Chisinau, gathering representatives from 26 countries, is dedicated to the preparation of the 29th FAO Regional Conference for Europe that will take place in Bucharest next year between March 29 and April 4.

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