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July 31, 2021

Daedalus poll: Over one third of Romanians would move abroad

Over one third of the Romanians would like to relocate to another country, if they had the chance.
Over 35 per cent of the Romanians living in urban areas, especially men, low educated people and low-income people would like to relocate permanently to another country, in the immediate future, the first three options being Germany, Great Britain and the United States, shows a survey conducted by Daedalus social research company.
The Romanian people hold the 2nd position in rankings including seven countries of the region, regarding people’s desire to move to another country in the near future, after Serbians, level with Bulgarian people, but ahead of Croatian, Turkish, Slovakian and Czech people. The average immigration intention in the region is 29.9 per cent.
The study identified different inclination to migration, depending on the profile of the respondents. Thus, the desire to move to another country is strongly expressed by men (40.9 per cent), whereas only 30.6 per cent of women are willing to take this step. People’s desire to move to a foreign country is strongly related to their age with more than 47.9 per cent aged 25 to 34 year old saying it is their dream (compared to 35.6 per cent the average).
In addition, as far as people living in Moldova are concerned, as well as low-educated people, low-income people (earning less than RON 1,000) or workers, the immigration intention is higher than the average of the polled Romanians.
“Poverty is by far the most important factor leading to the immigration intention. Men by their nature tend to take risks and be adventurous, so they are more qualified to make the first step in this process. On the other hand, we still belong to a traditional type of society where the man brings home the bacon,” said Daniel Enescu, managing partner Daedalus Millward Brown.
Germany is the top desired destination country for 40.4 per cent of the Romanians who would like to relocate permanently to another country, followed by UK (37.1 per cent), the US (28.7 per cent), Italy (19.7 per cent) and France (18.5 per cent). The first three countries are also among the options of the residents of the other countries included in the survey. Canada, Australia and Switzerland are also listed as desired future residences.
The number of the Romanian men naming Germany as their top desired destination country is two-fold higher than Romanian women opting for France or Canada instead.
The study was conducted on a sample of 2,306 respondents from 7 countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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