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February 9, 2023

Senate solemn session to mark Romanian 1989 Revolution

Senators gathered on Tuesday in a solemn session to mark the 24th anniversary of the December 1989 Romanian Revolution. The session began with the national anthem and a moment of silence in memory of the Revolution victims.
In the speech delivered on this occasion, Senator of the National Liberal Party Varujan Vosganian said that, although 24 years have passed since the events in 1989, the transition period is not over yet. “In a way, the transition of a society never ends. But we speak of this transition from autocracy to democracy, from command to market economy and from a closed to an open society.
Transition has of course both a political and an economic dimension. It has primarily a cultural dimension. Its conclusion will not be marked by figures in the statistical yearbook, or by IMF agreements, but will be etched in the specific Weltanschauung of the Romanians,’ said Vosganian, according to Agerpres.
Senator of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Alexandru Vegh showed that in the years that elapsed since the Revolution people have realized that the freedom conquered in 1989 is far more difficult to manage than the rioters who took to the streets would have imagined. ‘Let us not forget that those who died in the streets in 1989 have done so for us to enjoy the freedom of speech, democracy, the right to property,’ said the UDMR Senator.
Conservative Party Senator Dumitru Pelican also evoked the relentlessly intense moments of December 1989. ‘Romanians sacrificed themselves because they demanded freedom and democracy. Without them I don’t think we would have been able to gather now in Parliament and maybe we wouldn’t have been a European, a democratic country at all. Let us never forget those who are no longer with us, who fearlessly took to the streets,’ said Dumitru Pelican.
Senator of the ‘Dan Diaconescu’ People’s Party Haralambie Voichitoiu referred to the consequences of the Revolution and the extent to which its ideals have been accomplished. ‘I want to believe that we have a future, but at the same time, today, I believe we must ask those who died, the survivors and their relatives for forgiveness because their ideal did not come to reality. May God help us to carry out what the people dreamed of in December 1989,’ Voichitoiu said from the Parliament floor.

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