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October 28, 2020

Bucharest analyses migrant benefits curbs announced by British PM

Romanian authorities are analysing the measures announced by British Prime Minister David Cameron on restricting the access of EU citizens to unemployment benefits, the Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry said on Wednesday. According to the measures, migrants from other EU states will have to wait three months before claiming out of work benefit. According to the Foreign Ministry ‘from information available so far, the measure targets all EU citizens, including the British nationals who return to the UK in search of a job.’ “The Romanian authorities are analyzing these measures. We also remind that the move announced by the British authorities is being checked by the European Commission which, as Guardian of the Treaties, has the competence and obligation to pronounce on any measures which could run counter to EU law,” the cited source added, according to Agerpres.
On the other hand, the Economist website published an open letter to Romanian and Bulgarian citizens, saying they are welcome to come and work in the UK. “(…) Almost half of Britons believe their government should ban you from the country even if it is against the law to do so. You might just, as a result, have got the impression that you are not welcome. But you are. On behalf of The Economist’s home country, we invite you to come and work here. Although our leaders seem to have forgotten, Britain pushed for your country to join the EU, knowing that you would one day turn up on our doorstep”, reads the letter. Reminding about the Poles immigrants a decade ago, the Economist says “they make our economy bigger, lowering our debt-to-GDP ratio”. “If you are even remotely like them, you will be an economic boon (…) People will be nicely surprised when the great majority of you come to work rather than scrounge off the state,” concludes the open letter.
Romanian Ambassador in London Ion Jinga demands the campaign of “vilification” against Romanians to cease, as the Conservative British MPs propose to extend the restrictions by five more years against Romanians and Bulgarians on the labour market in the UK. “Most Romanians coming to the UK do this to work, not for benefits. We plead in favour of honest hard working people who pay taxes and contribute to the British society,” said the Ambassador, quoted by Mediafax.

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