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August 10, 2022

Exhibition showcasing ‘Romania’s ancient gold and silver’ opens to public

Director of the National Museum of the History of Romania (MNIR) Ernest Oberlander Tarnoveanu declared at the opening of the exhibition ‘Romania’s ancient gold and silver’ that an event of such ample scale is not likely to happen again in the next 30 years.
Expressed in figures, the exhibition that opened Thursday evening meant three years of work under the mandate of four Ministers of Culture (Kelemen Hunor, Puiu Hasotti, Mircea Diaconu and Daniel Barbu) for a team of over 70 people, 32 museums in the country co-working to present the public 1,003 unique pieces of precious jewellery hammered out by the Romanians’ Dacian and Roman ancestors. The exhibition is open at the History Museum until March 30 and will then travel to 12 cities in the country.
The exhibition’s conception highlights through items of historical, aesthetic and symbolic value the milestones of a period spanning the Neo – Eneolithic to Late Antiquity. The exhibition also presents a map of Romania, pinpointing the locations the pieces of jewellery come from.
The exhibition is aimed at bringing together archaeologically representative objects made of gold and silver uncovered on Romania’s territory. Some of the items included in the theme of this event belong to the MNIR exhibition ‘Historic Treasure’ and can be seen only in Bucharest, others are showcased in various museums of history and archaeology throughout the country, while others again, although known thanks to specialized publications, are still preserved in museum deposits.
The exhibition of Bucharest is complemented by a massive catalogue with photos and details about the exhibits.

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