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May 6, 2021

The Council of Europe calls for establishment of cyber-crime combat office, in Bucharest

The Council of Europe decided to establish in Bucharest an office combating the information technology crime, President Traian Basescu said on Friday, after presenting the conclusions of the meeting of the European Council. He pointed out that during the meeting in Brussels the EU officials proposed that this office, the establishment of which was already signed in Bucharest, should become an EU agency.
In context, he voiced his hope that ‘our performing hackers’ should go on the other side of the barricade. The Romanian head of state also said that the losses caused by cyber-crime in the EU in 2012 amounted to EUR 290 bln. According to President Basescu, a number of 148,000 computers are attacked and put out of action and 150,000 viruses are introduced in the cyber systems of EU states on a daily basis.
President Basescu also told the press conference that Romania will have to establish a set of fields of activity where it can obtain performance in the defence industry. “There were four criteria established for the defence industry: to be integrated at EU level, to be sustainable in terms of orders, to be innovative and competitive […] not to produce a tank without being able to sell it afterwards and not to produce aircraft without being able to sell them(…),” said Basescu. He also specified that the Romanian defence industry needs money to invest in research. “These decisions refer mainly to four projects: the creation of unmanned aircraft systems, the so-called drones. In conclusion, for 2014-2015 at EU level we must be equipped with unmanned aircraft, able to collect data of a general interest, from military data, if you want, to information about agriculture or catastrophes or about migrants that travel along the NATO borders or across the Mediterranean Sea or the Black Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, a military endowment programme in its essence of the EU member states with such unmanned aircraft, to help us with the collection of the information related to the situation on the ground,” said Basescu.
According to the head of the state, another priority for 2014-2015 is related to the creation of a multinational fleet meant to provide the fuel for aircraft in the air. He mentioned that Romania is ‘extremely interested’ not only in the creation of this fleet, but it also wants to be part of the project, taking into account that very soon the Romanian Army will be equipped with F16 aircraft. “Another priority is represented by the development of satellite communications and, last but not least, the development of the cyber defence industry with focus mainly on technological development and training, while also ensuring the safety of the users,” explained Basescu. “‘Concerning the new security challenges, an agreement was reached in terms of priorities and these are aimed at four segments. One is the cyber security (…). The second is connected with the draw up of a maritime security strategy and this strategy has, same as the cyber strategy, the time limit June 2014. In this respect, (…) the Black Sea must be introduced in this maritime security strategy,” also said the head of state.
Romania intends to take part in Banking Union
President Basescu also stated in Brussels Romania’s intention to take part in the Banking Union, considering the fact that most banks of the Eurozone worked in Romania.
“(…) I have stated Romania’s intention to take part in the Banking Union, considering the fact that most banks of the Eurozone work on Romania’s banking market, 75 per cent of the market being taken by banks of the Eurozone,” he said.

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