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December 1, 2020

Outdoor exhibitions at MNIR

The National History Museum of Romania (MNIR) prepared two nice “presents” for its visitors these days, reports HotNews.ro, in the shape of two photo-documentary exhibitions set outdoors for the first time, on the stage facing Victoria Avenue. The first exhibition, “Mary, the Queen…,” is devoted to the one who undoubtedly was one of the most remarkable feminine figures of Romania’s modern history, Queen Mary. The visitors will discover glimpses of the childhood of Princess Mary of Edinburgh, moments from the period Mary was crown princess of Romania, her activity as nurse during the First World War or images from the Coronation at Alba Iulia in 1922. Queen Mary’s hobbies, from jewellery and books to flowers and animals, will be revealed through suggestive images, and they will see her in interesting snapshots at Cotroceni, Bran or Balcic residencies. The second exhibition, “A symbol building, the Postal Palace/the National History Museum of Romania,” is devoted to the building hosting MNIR and heralds the 120 anniversary since the Postal Palace was built (1894). The exhibitions are open till late March.

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