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October 22, 2021

PSD’s target for 2014: Dismantling Basescu regime

PM Ponta relies on the support of the opposition parties, and even on PDL.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta sent a unity message on Monday during the first session of the National Standing Committee of PSD in 2014, stating that USL’s target was to change “Basescu regime” and that they have to see this through. “We must win the European Parliament elections. We must win the presidential elections. We must stand united. I will send a very clear message: that I believe USL’s fundamental target was to change Basescu regime and we have to see this target through,” said Ponta. He pleaded not only for unity from USL alliance party members, but for the unity of all who “got sick of Basescu regime.” “I believe we can stand united not only within USL, but also we can unite with the other representatives of political parties or civil society who got sick of Basescu regime,” added Ponta. He said that PDL “got also sick” of “Basescu regime.” “PDL themselves got sick of Basescu regime, of abuses, of blackmail, of files, of media blackmailing. (…) It is important that we should make use of this year 2014 for the true change of Romania. I trust that PSD can be the main actor in this direction, but not by itself, but together with all in USL and outside USL who want this change,” said Ponta. He added that the future country president must be “the very opposite of Basescu.” “We aim to replace it with an open system after ten years, said the prime minister, who accused the president of representing only his own interests at the European Parliament.
The Social-democrats were shown an internal document during the standing committee meeting which, according to Agerpres, makes it a priority in 2014 to dismantle the Basescu regime “brick by brick” and to bring a president at the helm of the country who should not be a “warrior” but a “peacemaker.” “Traian Basescu regime is a system based on propaganda, typical for the far right legionary movement, and persecution methods similar to those of the communists in the ‘50s, with a paranoid dictator, supported by a clan of imposters and servile followers addicted to money and public positions,” read  the document. In order to reach this target, according to the PSD document, “the national minorities group, UDMR, PP-DD and even PDL must be partners of this national project, they all got sick of Traian Basescu, of his abusive way of acting, of his blackmailing with files and the media lynching of his enemies.”
To make the anti-Basescu target even more visible, messages such as “Countdown Basescu,” “December 21, 2014: countdown 49 weeks, 6 days and 2 hours till Basescu leaves,” were posted on the screens in the hall hosting the social-democrats’ meeting. Also, Victor Ponta announced after the meeting that the social-democrats will conclude the list of candidates for the European Parliament elections, as well as the alliances they will make for this European election event by January 31, when an Executive Committee meeting will take place.
Gov’t to continue support for Church and Army
PM Victor Ponta said during the session of the National Standing Committee of PSD that the Government will continue to support the religious faiths, starting with the Romanian Orthodox Church, as they will support the Army. “I added here something for which I was highly criticized at the end of last year but I am glad to be criticized for this, the uninterrupted support of the religious faiths, starting with the Romanian Orthodox Church. Yes, if there are things the Government can support, I believe it is a good thing,” said Ponta. He said the Church and the Army must be supported because “they are more reliant” than those “who criticize us for supporting the Army and the Church.”

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