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February 9, 2023

Slightly more tourists in first 11 months of last year

Incomings and overnight stays advanced by 3.1 pc and 0.6 pc respectively, in the first 11 months of last year, the National Statistics Institute announced yesterday. Incomings amounted to 7.41 million and overnight stays at 18.2 million. “(…) As regards the incomings of foreign tourists in tourist accommodation structures, most were from Europe (80.6 pc of the total figure), with 85.8 pc of them coming from countries of the European Union, INS informs. The biggest number of tourists came from Germany (217,478), followed by Italy (170,342) and France (112,082), out of a total 1.62 million. Incomings in hotels accounted for 74.9 pc, up 2 pc. The average stay was 2.6 days in the case of Romanian tourists and 2 days for the foreigners. The arrivals of foreign tourists as registered at border checkpoints during the interval under analysis amounted to 7.508 M, up 1 pc. The majority of foreign visitors came from Europe (93.8 pc). EU states generated 58.6 pc of the total number of foreign tourists’ arrivals, with the highest number originating in Hungary (30.3 pc), followed by Bulgaria (24 pc), Germany (9.5 pc), Italy (7 pc), Poland (6.5 pc) and Austria (4.2 pc). The departures of Romanian tourists abroad, registered at border checkpoints, amounted to 10,618 million, up 1.8 pc.

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