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January 31, 2023

Exhibition ‘Romania’s treasures in China,’ in Beijing by year-end

The preparations in view of the exhibition ‘Romania’s treasures in China,’ which will feature approximately 600-700 items dating from prehistory until the end of the 18th Century will begin most likely at the National History Museum of Beijing in the last quarter of this year, the general director of the National Museum of History of Romania (MNIR), Dr. Ernest Oberlander-Tarnoveanu announced. The exhibition will be the most important event of this kind arranged by MNIR in 2014. “Organised under a memorandum on organising, in reciprocity conditions, of an exchange of exhibitions at high level, signed in 2012, the exhibition, which covers 8,000 years in the history of this zone, will feature very important artefacts from the collections of MNIR, of the National Museum of Art of Romania, of the Moldova Museum Complex and, we hope, of many other museums of the country,” the general director of MNIR informed, quoted by Agerpres. The exhibition ‘Romania’s treasures in China’ will introduce the Chinese public not only exceptional archaeological items like ‘The thinker,’ but also items related to medieval and pre-modern art – silverware, wood painting, frescoes, textiles, objects made of wood and ceramic. “Being the pendant of the exhibition <China’s Treasures>, the Romanian side will pay, this time, the insurance and transport of couriers and will publish the catalogue, while the Chinese partners will cover the organising expenses and the accommodation and wages of the couriers,” Tarnoveanu added.
The exhibition ‘Romania’s treasures in China,’ which is expected to enjoy the collaboration of important museums from Constanta and Cluj-Napoca, as well as the Brukenthal Museum of Sibiu or the Museum of the Union in Alba Iulia, might also itinerate to Shanghai and Xi’An.
The National Museum of History of Romania also has other exceptional exhibition projects in the pipeline for 2014. An exhibition dedicated to the journey on the Danube undertaken in 1964 by a group of American students, as well as varnishing events dedicated to the celebration of 180 years since the establishment of the National Museum of the Romanian Principality or to the development of the costume, cold weapons and firearms, are some of the exhibition projects the team of the National Museum of the History of Romania (MNIR) are preparing this year. MNIR will also open in 2014 an exhibition organized together with the Engravings Cabinet of the Library of the Romanian Academy, presenting the image of Moldavia in engravings, etchings and historic photographs from the sixteenth century until the second half of the twentieth century, as well as an exhibition series from the cycle ‘Exhibit of the month.’

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