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September 24, 2020

Nastase criticises USL from prison

The former premier will appeal at ECHR against the sentence in the Zambaccian case.

One day after he was incarcerated at Rahova prison, former premier Adrian Nastase wrote on his blog that he considers himself a political victim of President Traian Basescu, while also blaming USL for doing nothing to change the “mechanisms through which Basescu controls the peak of the judiciary system,” as well as some journalists who wrote against him. The former premier shows that he did not figure that political revenge “can go this far and can have so perverted forms,” adding that he received information from the zone of the Cotroceni Palace, before the New Year, that the decision had already been made for a prison sentence without parole in the Zambaccian case for him and his wife. Plus, Nastase says that judges Livia Stanciu and Ionut Matei who chaired the two appeal panels were “the political instruments” of the president. “They (the courts) unfortunately represent the political justice of Basescu, a weapon in the guise of justice, to be used against political opponents. (…) One of the courts is led by Judge Livia Stanciu, the president of ICCJ, nominated and reconfirmed by Basescu after she tried the appeal in the ‘Quality Trophy’ case and the other – who judged me – is led by Judge Ionut Matei, vice-president of ICCJ, also appointed by Basescu. Recently, when he nominated him, Basescu praised him saying that he is <<extremely powerful>> and <<upright>>,” Nastase wrote in his post.
“As far as I am concerned, last night I arranged my thoughts and I drew several conclusions. At the right time, I will share them all with you. Anyway, this time I cannot blame it exclusively on Basescu. Evil can be done not only through action, but also through inaction. The fact that the acting coalition consolidated the mechanisms through which Basescu controls the judiciary system at its peak, still enforcing aberrant rules, is a big failure. Instead of focusing on the adoption of modern and well-balanced laws, on the effort to revise the Constitution, the present coalition is preoccupied to an unjustifiable degree, in my opinion, by local conflicts in the territory,” Nastase added.
The former premier and president of PSD also lashes at the senior editor of “Adevarul”, Ion M. Ionita, and the columnist of “Gandul”, Cristian Tudor Popescu for the way they treated his condemnation. “I certainly do not expect some journalists, like Cristian Tudor Popescu – who should claim some merits in the election of Basescu as president in 2004 – or Ion M. Ionita who, after 9 years, has not learned yet that I own only one apartment in the building of Zambaccian (Street) which I received against the land made available to the constructor, Sergiu Sechelariu, who owned 3 apartments which he sold – so I do not expect them to read the explanations of lawyers on these topics. They will keep on speaking about “justice,” “values,” “independence” and “politicians,” maintaining the confusion between the concept of justice and the concrete sentences pronounced by politically configured courts,” Nastase concludes.
Referring to the Zambaccian case, the lawyer of Nastase announced that he will file a new appeal at the ECHR. According to Antena 3, Ioan Cazacu finds the sentence in this case as strange, but expects the motivation of judges. The lawyer added that his main preoccupation is to get Nastase free on parole.
Meanwhile, the reactions to the condemnation of the former PSD premier continue to appear. Former Romanian president Ion Iliescu said yesterday on RFI that Adrian Nastase unjustly and exaggeratedly became the symbol of corruption in Romania, while his new condemnation is a nightmare, an embarrassing issue, but he does not believe this is a political file. Asked to comment the statements of PM Ponta, who spoke about a political case, Iliescu answered: “This is what Mr. Ponta thinks and he probably has his arguments (…)”
Ponta’s statements also sparked criticism in the camp of the opposition, where former PDL premier Emil Boc considers that Ponta “is very wrong” by making statements that refer to the judiciary. “The Nastase case could be seen as political because all the snitches and denunciators in it belong to PSD, from Sechelariu to Jianu or the consul in China, the members of PSD denunciated each other. So it is a PSD political file,” Boc ironically said, quoted by Mediafax.

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