Geoana: Romania has appealing window of opportunity to propose position of NATO Secretary General

Romania has “an appealing window of opportunity” to “propose the appointment” of NATO Secretary General, claims Mircea Geoana quoted by Adevarul Live, adding that if it fails to get the position, “there is a form of compensation in other way, on European level.” “At the moment in my opinion … Romania is unable to be comprehended. Why do not they propose a candidate for NATO Secretary General, considering there is none other from the newcomers in the NATO? Today, Romania has an appealing window of opportunity to NATO, because today we have candidates from Italy, Belgium, Norway, a potential candidate from the UK, and no candidate from the new wave of NATO expansion,” says Geoana. He reminds that on March 29, 2014, Romania will celebrate 10 years since it joined NATO. According to him, Romania “is paralyzed in a sort of domestic political madness, which consumes our entire energy and creativity.” “We have known how to play this game, this is not a new game for us,” adds Geoana.
“It’s an interesting window of opportunity that Romania might propose the NATO Secretary General. Even if denied this opportunity, there is some sort of compensation in another field, at the European level. Did you know that in 2015, the UN secretary General is to be proposed by the group of Eastern European countries?” said Geoana.

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