IJ report: Politicians’ statements on Papici case did not affect judiciary independence

The statements made by politicians following the delegating of prosecutor Lucian Papici at Section I of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) did not affect the independence of the judiciary, the Judicial Inspection’s (IJ) report on the aforementioned statements shows. According to IJ representatives quoted by Mediafax, the report was about to be sent to the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) yesterday or today at the latest. “The conclusion of the report will be discussed within the CSM plenum, which will decide whether it endorses it or not,” the aforementioned sources stated. We remind our readers that former CSM President Oana Schmidt-Haineala announced on October 8 that the Council’s plenum had decided to notify the Judicial Inspection in order for the latter to ascertain whether the statements made earlier that month, including those made by President Traian Basescu and Premier Victor Ponta, had violated the independence of the judiciary.

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