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October 28, 2021

Artmark opens art market year with memorabilia rare gadgets

January brings four themed Artmark auctions, where the contemporary art works blend harmoniously with the rare memorabilia items, over two nights devoted to art enthusiasts. Tuesday, on January 28, the Collectible Watches Auction and the Postmodernism and Contemporary Art Auction, and Wednesday, on January 29, the Curio Cabinet – the Art of Music, Writing and Photography, and the Auction for Photography and Cartoons.
During the auction on January 28, international artists’ works will be auctioned for the first time on the Romanian market, such as Daniel Spoerri (“Tableau piege, estimated value EUR 600 to 1,100) or more than 70 collectible watches from renowned brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Ulysse Nardin, Breitling or Jaeger-LeCoultre.
The auction also displays some unique items, gadgets which made history, and the collectors have the opportunity on January 29 to purchase extremely rare and old items from the music world (gramophones, ,music boxes, jukeboxes, etc), writing (typing machines, calculating machines, etc) or photography (various cameras with different techniques). Not to add the photos revealing history and the author photos, presented at the Photography and Cartoons Auction, which is a first time for the Romanian market.
The exhibition for the auctions on January 28 to 29 is opened at Cesianu-Racovita Palace, C.A. Rosetti Street no 5 by Monday, January 27 (between 10 am and 8 pm), and at Athenee Palace Hilton starting on Tuesday, January 28 till Wednesday, January 29 (between 10 am and 7 pm).

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