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January 24, 2022

Calarasi Commission starts hearings

The representatives of the National Authority for the Restitution of Properties will be heard today. During Monday evening’s hearings the members of the Calarasi Commission asked the Land Register Office for land registers and property deeds from Nana commune.

Hearings are taking place one after the other within the Commission that investigates the plots of land that the Basescu family bought at the end of last year. Gheorghe Dobre, the Mayor of Nana, and Ilie Dumitru Haralambrie Mitea, the President of the State Domains Agency (ADS), yesterday showed up before the commission led by Social-Democrat Eugen Nicolicea. George Iacob, the Prefect of Calarasi County, and representatives of the Land Register Office were heard the day before.
At the end of the hearings, Gheorghe Dobre stated that he was never contacted by Presidential aide Adrian Radulescu and he was not interested in the plot of land purchased by Ioana Basescu, because it was private property. Referring to the fact that Nana commune secretary Tudorita Nicolae purchased 50 hectares which she then sold to the same company that sold the plot of land to President Basescu’s daughter, the mayor claimed that the secretary sold the land because her husband underwent a transplant and needed the money. Asked whether Tudorita Nicolae is the “link” between the company that sold the plot of land to Traian Basescu’s eldest daughter and Presidential aide Adrian Radulescu, Gheorghe Dobre stated that he does not believe that to be the case. He pointed out that Ioana Basescu did not visit the commune whose mayor he is after she bought the plot of land. “I would be happy to meet her, but she didn’t visit. She probably has other things to do. Maybe I’ll meet her when the wheat harvest comes,” the mayor stated sarcastically.
ADS President Ilie Dumitru Haralambrie Mitea stated after yesterday’s hearings that there were 6 land appropriation protocols for 1,233 hectares of land in Nana. He pointed out that ADS is the state’s administrator of private and public domain lands starting with 2002-2007, and has sent various appropriations protocols to local and county land resources commissions, including to those in Calarasi County. Asked whether there were suspicions concerning the legality of transfers in this appropriations mechanism, the head of the ADS answered: “It is not the ADS’s prerogative to establish the identity of the person asking for the appropriation. (…) The commissions offer the appropriations, not the ADS.”
UDMR Senator Tanckos Barna claims that Nana commune’s secretary could be summoned at the hearings too. Barna pointed out that initial verifications have discovered several discrepancies between the ledgers received from the Prefecture on Monday and those received from ADS yesterday. The Senator also stated that land restitutions in this commune total approximately 6,000-7,000 hectares, consisting of land from the two Agricultural Production Cooperatives (CAPs) and from the State-owned Agricultural Enterprise (IAS).
The day before, Calarasi County Prefect George Iacob had stated that the restoration of property rights in Nana was legal from his point of view. He pointed out that he placed some of the documents at the MPs’ disposal, namely some decisions taken by the county land resources commission that concerned the validation of some plots of land, and will bring more documents in the following period, considering that the period under scrutiny is significant (1990-2013). Iacob emphasized however that, based on the data he has, these plots of land never belonged to the Fundulea Institute and there are also no requests from the Prosecutor’s Office.

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