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December 5, 2022

Blaga threatens Udrea to oust her from the party

PDL leader Vasile Blaga told “Gandul Live” that they might take measures against Elena Udrea up to her ousting, if she continues the attacks against the party. “Elena Udrea should make up her mind whether she remains in the party or not, that is what we are talking about. This is not a threat, it is an observation,” said Blaga, adding that the party decisions must be respected by all the party members, with sanctions for those who do not respect that. “If she has other options, she can materialize them in another political area, no one stands against her,” he said. Inquired whether it is possible to reach a removal of Elena Udrea out of the party, he answered:  “It is possible we might take measures which can culminate with it. I hope the situation will not reach that point, but she risks a suspension from the party if she continues at this rate. … “
Blaga proved affected by Elena Udrea’s statements regarding the chances Crin Antonescu has for presidential elections and regarding her support for a candidacy from Emil Boc, against Catalin Predoiu, validated as a potential PDL presidency candidate during a domestic competition where 100,000 party members voted. “I invited Emil Boc to participate in the internal competition of the party and he would have had the highest chances, but he does not want to be part of a presidential competition of this year,” said the PDL chairman.
Blaga added that the case of Elena Udrea might be discussed in the upcoming period in a meeting of PDL leaders, where she will be called to explain her point of view, with a decision to be made then, if necessary.
Blaga had said on Wednesday that he would Elena Udrea had been more a party colleague with the democratic-liberals rather than a political analyst or play the role of “mama Omida” (alleged clairvoyant). As a reply, Udrea said she would be happier if the PDL chairman “had stopped playing the role of Iosefini (magician), trying to get a wonder candidate for the presidential elections out of his hat. “ The dispute between Elena Udrea and the party, for which she is a deputy in the Parliament, occurred after the former Tourism Minister told Adevarul Live on Tuesday that the presidential candidacies will be set after the European parliamentary elections, adding that Emil Boc’s candidacy “is rumored,” which she hoped to come to fruition. The PDL leaders, such as vice-chairman Raluca Turcan promptly reminded her that the PDL candidate decided within the party is Catalin Predoiu, urging her to go to another party if she did not support PDL decision.

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