Brancusi exhibition in New York sparks controversy

A series of sculptures cast from original plasters by Constantin Brancusi have reignited debate over the authenticity of works created after the artist’s death. Brancusi in New York, currently on view at Paul Kasmin Gallery, is showing 5 such works, cast between 1992 and 2010 from the artist’s original casts, and with the permission of the artist’s estate, but some critics are calling foul, saying any work made after the Romanian’s death could only be considered a replica.  ”There are always going to be people who say they’re 100% against it. I can only help guide you with what’s fact — I can’t decide somebody else’s morals for them (…) What we want to come of this is to know that Brancusi, like many other great artists’ estates, is open for business,” says Kasmin, as quoted by Wall Street Journal.

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