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January 31, 2023

Bucharest theatres unveil new premieres this week

Theatres in Bucharest have prepared a whole new series of premiere shows. “Two on a Bench” by Aleksandr Ghelman will have the official premiere on January 23 as of 7 pm at the Bucharest-based Metropolis Theatre. Director Emanual Parvu comes up with a different show – the same play, the same scenery – but a new cast made up of two great actors of the Romanian stage, i.e. Tania Filip and Florin Zamfirescu. The Metropolis Theatre invites the Romanian audience to imagine they are in a different period, witnessing a script that summarizes in about one hour and a half a whole range of emotions a man and a woman go through, as they come to know each other in a park. The story acquires different dimensions, the characters are older, and their meeting is the expression of the experience of two people who have already lived a large part of their lives. The play will be performed also on Jan. 22 and 29, starting with 7 pm.
“Orphans” by Dennis Kelly, directed by Elena Morar, will have the premiere on Jan. 24 as of 7 pm at the Act Theatre in Bucharest. The play promises to keep the audience breathless, raising relevant moral and social issues such as loyalty towards the family, moral responsibility to the community, taking responsibility for your actions, discrimination and violence in urban areas. Kelly’s play explores violence in urban areas and the way in which it affects the quiet life of an average-income couple. The play approaches with humour, but ultimately from a grim perspective, the modern life dominated by the lack of communication and trust, reflecting the scary world beyond the door and apparent safety of the couple’s home. Helen (Simona Cuciurianu) and Danny (Ionut Grama) are celebrating the news that Helen is newly pregnant with their second child with a quiet night in, but it is interrupted by Helen’s brother Liam (Laurentiu Banescu) who arrives covered in blood claiming to have found a young lad injured on the street. The price of a ticket is RON 30, RON 20 respectively (for students, retirees).
“The Super Happy” (a grey comedy) by Catinca Draganescu will have its official premiere on Jan. 25, starting with 7 pm at the Very Small Theatre in Bucharest. The world pictured in the play is our day-to-day reality, plus something else; the absurd, the comedy and the concrete are merging, the logic comes up with new laws, and the surprises are everywhere, a release of the theatre reads. The cast includes Ruxandra Enescu (Ms. C), Claudia Prec (Miss D), Mihaela Radescu (Ms. B) and Bogdan Talasman (Mr. B). The Super Happy are four ordinary people (or not) trying to be at peace with themselves and with the others.

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