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August 1, 2021

Dragnea: We will not give up on decentralization

Deputy Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea stated Friday that USL will not give up on the decentralization project, despite the Constitutional Court (CC) ruling the law unconstitutional. He pointed out the law would be modified so as to meet the Court’s requirements and steps to be followed by the Government and Parliament have already been established.
“We are waiting for the Court’s written justification and are prepared to take the necessary legislative steps to finalize the decentralization process,” Dragnea stated after a meeting with local PSD leaders, as cited by Mediafax. When asked if the Executive is considering adopting an EGO, Dragnea replied, “No, categorically no. Government Decisions (GD) are an option.” Furthermore, the PSD leader mentioned he was not criticized for the Court’s decision on the law’s unconstitutionality, underlining he cannot be blamed for a bill draft that was approved by all the ministries, and given that one of the versions was issued by the Ministry of Justice itself. On the other hand, Dragnea said he has not, does not, and will not support the Penal Code amendments adopted by the Chamber of Deputies at the end of 2013, and expressed his approval of CC’s decision to block the process. We remind our readers the CC ruled the Decentralization Law – for which the Government assumed responsibility in the Parliament in November – unconstitutional, thus in favour of the notification submitted by PDL MPs in this respect.

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