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May 19, 2022

Foreign Ministry denies Romania’s involvement in arm deliveries to Syria

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) firmly denied any information that induces the idea that Romania is involved in the deliveries of military equipment to Syria. The reaction comes after an article named “Russia steps up military lifeline to Syria’s Assad”, published by Reuters, which affirms that Russia intensified its exports of military equipment to Syria over the last few weeks, also via specialised companies from Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine, in an attempt to support the Bashar al-Assad regime in the fight against the insurgents.
“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs firmly denies any information that induces the idea that Romania is involved in the deliveries of military equipment to Syria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Department for the Control of Exports, as national authority that supervises the operations with military products, did not register and implicitly did not authorise any foreign trade operation with military products, including light weapons, with the destination Syria in 2013 and 2014”, reads the communique. According to sources quoted by Reuters, Russia stepped up the export of military equipment to Syria starting December 2013. “Dozens of military transport planes Antonov 124 brought to Syria military vehicles, surveillance equipment, radars, electronic combat systems, helicopter parts and remote-controlled bombs,” said a source belonging to the security services in the Middle East. “Russian experts pilot drones in Syria to help locate the positions of insurgents, to analyse the military capacities of the rebels and to coordinate the bombing raids by the forces subordinate to the Syrian regime,” another source explains. A specialist working in the international sector of arms industry and trade confirmed the intensifying of Russian military exports. “Military equipment arrives to Syria, which Russia either ships itself, or takes over equipment stored in the Black Sea zones like Bulgaria, Romania or Ukraine, where a surplus of weapons exists. Providers throughout the region cannot afford angering Russia,” the official explains, quoted by Reuters.

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