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September 28, 2021

Romanian mass-media involved in major wrangle

‘Jurnalul national’ and “Evenimentul zilei’ newspapers have waged a tough battle one against the other, after ‘Jurnalul national’ published in the daily’s Friday edition an articled named “The Gang of the 7.Basescu’s propaganda identified” launching an unprecedented attack against seven journalists from “Evenimentul zilei” and B1TV channel and accusing them of subordination to the regime of President Traian Basescu. “The representative of the written press is ‘Evenimentul zilei’, and the other side is represented by B1 TV channel (…) They are (the 7 journalists – editor’s note) some mercenaries without professional resumes, we have serious doubts about their studies, but they qualified for their jobs by praising the wisdom things coming from Cotroceni (…)”, reads “Jurnalul national”, calling them: “flatterers, liars, speculators, traitors, hooligans.” The daily also published their names and photos, Ion Cristoiu, Robert Turcescu, Dan Andronic, Dan Tapalaga, Silviu Sergiu, Andreea Pora and Mircea Marian. In reply, in an article titled “EVZ, destroyed in mass-media terms by Felix’s newspaper”, “Evenimentul zilei” responded that “yesterday the trust of Dan Voiculescu took one step closer in its ascent to the climax of vileness,” and that “the text is a bunch of remote epithets, an enumeration lacking meaning, content and humour.”

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