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June 24, 2021

Diaconescu expects Ponta payback against Basescu

Presidential counselor Cristian Diaconescu said in an interview published by “Romania Libera” daily yesterday that the threats issued lately against Traian Basescu and those close to him are not “simple rhetoric” and that he expects a payback from Ponta regime. Regarding the intention of PSD Senator Mircea Geoana to run for the position of NATO Secretary General, Diaconescu said “no proposal was received by the Presidency from the Government,” and says that it would be important that “both Romania’s candidacy and the people appointed should be the result of a consensus among those who decide the foreign policy.”
Asked what Romania’s chances to join Schengen by the end of the year are, Diaconescu said the technical requirements have been fulfilled three years ago. “Some member states are reluctant, evoking political criteria about the state of law or the fight against corruption which we do not achieve. President Basescu asked President of the European Council to separate the two criteria.” According to him, the major worry “comes from the Parliament, because this is the institution that makes the laws.” “ The position of the U.S. Embassy was explicit from this point of view, and Victoria Nuland wanted even  to congratulate the diplomatic official in the Romanian capital for the reaction, stressing that what the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest are saying, that is Washington’s position. This observation is not redundant in the context of the statements made by some politicians,” said Diaconescu, quoted by romanialibera.ro. As for foreign policy, former Foreign Affairs Minister said that “major strategic interests are clashing” at Romania’s border at the moment, and that it is “a tough game.” According to him, neither the Russian Federation nor Romania are missing from this confrontation, which might affect the future of the Republic of Moldova. As for the relations with China, the presidential counselor favors a “strong partnership relation,” saying the reports are differentiated on the international stage.

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