Presidential aide allegedly registered Ioana Basescu’s land

Adrian Radulescu, Counselor to the President, was the person who registered the land purchased by Ioana Basescu, the President’s daughter, with the Land Register of Nana Town Hall, according to a statement made by Tudorita Nicolae, the town hall secretary, after a hearing before the Calarasi Parliamentary Commission. When asked whether the procedure allows for someone other than the land owner to make the registration, she said: “everyone delegates whomever they wish; some have power of attorney, others are so delegated, while others have faith and say, ‘Look, you are my friend. Go and do this for me,” Mediafax reports.
Tudorita Nicolae also said she received this information from land agent Nicolae Dobre, while stressing that others were also informed in this regard, such as the employees who were in the office at that time to carry out the proceedings. In turn, after his hearing before the Commission, Marian Dobre, land agent at Nana Town Hall, confirmed that counselor Radulescu personally registered the land purchased by the President’s daughter with the Land Register.

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