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May 18, 2021

Calarasi commission: Stelian Fuia denies President’s involvement

Upon the hearing in the parliamentary commission investigating the conditions under which President’s daughter Ioana Basescu purchased an agricultural land in Nana village, Calarasi County, former minister of Agriculture Stelian Fuia said yesterday that he was not called upon for help to get involved in making the transaction easier.
Inquired whether he was called during the period the transaction was made by presidential aide Adrian Radulescu, by Ioana Basescu or by Traian Basescu, to check the land in the area, he answered: “I did not hold talks with anyone, about the land at Nana bought by Ioana Basescu,” reports Mediafax. Fuia’s statement comes a day after a secretary at Nana mayoralty had said in front of the same commission that the documents at the Agricultural Registry for the land purchased by Ioana Basescu were personally submitted by presidential aide Adrian Radulescu. However, secretary Tudorita Nicolae claimed she was not a direct witness but she found out the information from “agricultural agent” of the mayoralty, according to ‘Jurnalul National’ daily. “I had never been contacted by presidential aide Adrian Radulescu. … He came and brought some papers to the Agricultural Registry, he did not meet with me, he did not see me. The person working at the Agricultural Registry told me the transaction was registered by presidential aide Adrian Radulescu, I do not know in what role,” said the secretary at Nana mayoralty after the hearing, according to jurnalul.ro.
According to the same source, agricultural agent of Nana mayoralty Marin Dobre said that Adrian Radulescu submitted the files at the Agricultural Registry to register the land bought by Ioana Basescu in October, on a Friday. “Yes, Adrian Radulescu. … I do not have anything more to explain, I answered in front of the commission. There are more things to clarify. … There are other questions put by the commission for which the documents must be provided,” said Marian Dobre, quoted by jurnalul.ro.
PSD Senator Gabriela Firea announced yesterday that presidential adviser Adrian Radulescu has been invited next Tuesday to hearings with the Calarasi Committee.

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