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August 4, 2021

EcoHornet Company expands to Ukraine

ecoHORNET Company is specialized in producing equipments for producing heat energy by incineration of biomass as pellets obtained out of waste. This incineration technology is regarded as one of the best; it’s been invented in Romania, being patented both in Romania and internationally. ecoHORNET equipments consist in: heating systems with nominal capacity range from 20 KW to 350kW, injector burners range from 20 kW to 500kW and radiant tube burners range from 20 kW to 80 kW. The development strategy of ecoHORNET Ltd., expanding operation in various markets with high potential in exploitation of biomass is a major priority. Recently, the formalities for collaboration between ecoHORNET Ltd and BANISA Energy Ukraine Company  were concluded. In this specific case, we opted for a franchise contract, under which, equipments will be assembled in Ukraine with the technical support and know-how provided by the Romanian specialists.
Ukraine BANISA Energy Ukraine Company is the largest private company specialized in the development of renewable energy projects in Ukraine. More info about the company at: http://banisaenergy.com.
The two companies intend to develop in Ukraine, heating solutions for public institutions, schools, public or private industrial or services oriented organizations, thereby contributing to a sustainable development of both rural and urban communities, creating jobs and other opportunities  using local resources by efficient and ecological conversion of biomass obtained from residues and waste into heat and electricity.
Also, EcoHORNET  Ltd. expresses its gratitude for the support given by the ANEIR representatives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the staff of the Romanian Embassy in Kiev and the Ministry of Economy, for initiated contacts and during the negotiations.

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