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May 15, 2021

Hacker “Guccifer” caught in Arad

The hacker “Guccifer” was apprehended yesterday by the DIICOT prosecutors following a house search in Arad County. He is suspected of hacking into the email accounts of many public figures, among whom Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) director George Maior. “There is a reasonable suspicion that the culprit accessed in 2013 repeatedly and without any right, by breaching the security measures, the email accounts belonging to some public figures in Romania, in order to get some confidential data included in the electronic mail, after which he modified the password, restricting the access of rightful uses to data in the email,” reads a DIICOT press release. “Later, the culprit revealed the contents of the mail to the public, which are criminal acts violating the confidentiality in the online environment and defamation of the victims’ public image,” said DIICOT. The Romanian investigators cooperated in this operation with US authorities.
The man got a definitive sentence for similar deeds, being a repeated offender, says the quoted source. Marcel Lazar Lehel, who used the pseudonyms “Guccifer” and “Little Smoke,” allegedly accessed the email and Facebook accounts of some public figures, among which SRI director George Maior, former US state secretary Colin Powell, members of Bush and Rockefeller families and officials of the Obama administration. Lehel allegedly illegally accessed the email and Facebook accounts belonging to some employees of a media trust and some public figures, and later revealed their private talks and photos.
On February 8, 2012 the hacker was sentenced to three years of prison, suspended sentence, after being arrested in 2011 for 25 cyber crimes.

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