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February 9, 2023

President Basescu concludes Mid-East visit: “I feel as on my first day of mandate”

In the last day of his three day official visit in Israel and Palestinian Territories, President Traian Basescu on Tuesday said, during a meeting in Tel Aviv with representatives of the Romanian community in Israel, that he did not feel tired at all after the ten years of mandate, but as energetic as on the first day of the mandate takeover and much more experienced than he was at that time, according to Agerpres.
‘As far as I am concerned, I am at the end of the second mandate, but I will be President until the last day of mandate. There have been some who believed I may have grown tired over these ten years. No, I am not at all tired. I feel as on the first day in terms of energy, but much more experienced than on the first day of my first mandate,’ Traian Basescu said.
Regarding the situation of the Romanian Justice, Basescu said that ‘justice doesn’t end according to one’s will, regardless of how rich and powerful one is from a political viewpoint.’ ‘We are trying to be good Europeans. We are trying to convince all the politicians that justice doesn’t function or doesn’t stop from functioning according to one’s will, regardless of how rich or powerful one is from a political viewpoint they are and if they will pay more attention to Israel they will see what does it really mean a solid state on its own feet and with institutions that function. It takes time until everybody will get to learn these things and especially until we learn that doing politics means pursuing a goal, a thought, in the name of a country or a nation, while it doesn’t mean staying loyal to a political party or its corrupt members. However, with patience we will overcome everything,” the head of the state said in Tel Aviv.
He pointed out that Romania remained a democratic state. What is certain is that Romania remained a democratic state, a rule of law state, even if we can’t say that everything is perfect yet, but everything will be perfect,’ said Basescu. Moreover, he appreciated that Romania had economic growth starting with 2011 – ‘not a big growth, but a small yet constant growth, better than none anyhow, as it happened in other cases’ – which in 2013 reached approximately 3 per cent. Traian Basescu showed that he hoped 2014 to be a better year from this viewpoint.
‘As to Romania, things are not as bad as we like to complain they are, but it’s true that there is still room for improvement,’ said Basescu.

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