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June 25, 2021

Discussions over new Constitution reopened

Following observations made by the Venice Commission and the Legislative Council, part of the initial provisions under the Constitution revision draft, some of which are central, will be re-discussed, amended, or even relinquished, according to a document cited by Mediafax. The amendments referred to by the Venice Commission and Legislative Council’s observations were to be debated upon at today’s Constitution Revision Commission meeting, but the session was postponed for February 3, due to bad weather. One of the most significant potential amendments could be no longer defining the three state powers by eliminating the head of state as the executive power. Another text which may be relinquished states “it is forbidden to use illegally obtained evidence” in judicial investigations. The stipulation regarding MPs, according to which “the legal status of deputies and senators is established by special law,” could also be eliminated. Members of the Revision Commission plan to reopen discussions on ministers being subject to Parliamentary hearings in the event of government reshuffle. A further aspect that will be debated upon is the Parliament’s power to approve any referendum or institute the 30 per cent quorum.

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