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October 23, 2020

Romania marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day was marked yesterday all over the world, with Romanian top official also conveying messages condemning anti-Semitism.
President Traian Basescu voiced firm belief the Romanian society can offer an example of good coexistence that should cultivate every citizen’s dignity.
‘The International Holocaust Remembrance Day is, for us all, an opportunity to ponder over the significance that our gestures and attitudes have before history. This day offers us the possibility to think of the mistakes we have made against our fellows. Condemning the Holocaust, alongside condemning the totalitarian rules and all the crimes against humanity are necessary steps that the Romanian state made and keeps making out of the wish of being able to continue its evolution in full freedom and responsibility’, Basescu says in his message. The president expresses conviction that the Romanian society is able of offering an example of good coexistence that ‘should cultivate every citizen’s dignity, no matter what the ethnic or religious minority they belong to’.
‘We have a tradition that can offer us the real prerequisites for constructive dialogue, beyond the moments which proved our weakness in the face of extremism and the totalitarian ideologies. I am confident that, by constantly bearing in our conscience the shared responsibility for the historical past, we will be able to consolidate a society of solidarity and dialogue, by which we should prove, particularly for the generations to come, our firmness against everything that may dehumanize us. ‘Let us remember’ by respecting the memory of the suffering by the responsibility that we assume day by day and by also cultivating the will of peace and reconciliation, as a foundation of our individual and political action’, the Romanian leader’s message says.
Senate Speaker Crin Antonescu also sent a message on this occasion, in which he underscores the obligation to fight ‘firmly against any xenophobic attitudes, racial or religious hatred acts.’ ‘The International Holocaust Remembrance Day evokes the unprecedented tragedy faced by the six million Jews who have fallen victim to a criminal ideology, implemented through a systematic policy by the Nazi regime. It is our duty to recall with respect and compassion the unimaginable suffering caused by a tremendous genocide and we have the obligation to fight against any xenophobic attitudes, racial or religious hatred acts, for these painful events from the history of humanity not to happen ever again,’ says the message of Antonescu, according to a release of the Parliament’s superior chamber.
The Israeli Ambassador Dan Ben-Eliezer, together with the Polish Ambassador Marek Szczygiel attended on Sunday in Simleu Silvaniei, a special event marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and 70 years since the deportations of Jews from Northern Transylvania. Dan Ben-Eliezer presented a certificate of honor as Righteous among Nations issued by Yad Vashem, to Ervin Kapolovici, the son of. Magdalena Kopelovici (born Lehoczki), for her courageous act which saved the lives of Jews from the ghetto in Satu Mare, who were on their final march to Austria, a communiqué by the Israeli Ambassador informs.

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