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May 22, 2022

Car market on the downfall in 2013 for sixth time in a row

However, last year registered an absolute record in view of production volume.

2013 was the sixth consecutive year new car sales have been on the downfall, as sales reached the same level of 13 years ago, namely 82,000 units of which 69,000 are new cars, after a 6.3 percent regress, an APIA (Car Manufacturers and Importers’ Association) press release notes. “The significant growth experienced by reported sales in the second semester of 2013 generated considerable increase in sales in some months compared to the same period in 2012. Therefore, we’ve estimated a 5.7 percent market growth for this period compared to the same period in 2012, of which 9.7 percent was reported in cars. Nonetheless, late last year the market experienced an overall drop of 6.3 percent, of which 4.8 percent was reported in cars,” according to APIA. The 2013 figures were an absolute record in view of production volume, since it involved 21.7 percent growth at a total volume of 410,997 units. Export figures reached 362,869 units, up by 9.6 percent.
‘Rabla’ program more useful as of February
This year’s ‘Rabla’ program should be the last, and for it to have positive effects, it must start in February, Ernest Virgil Popovici, President of APIA, stated.
“All members of APIA have agreed ‘Rabla’ has had positive results, but it has been increasingly less useful in recent years. For this reason, all APIA members, without exception, have agreed to request the ministry delegate to initiate the last ‘Rabla’ program in 2014. We will meet with Ministry of Environment officials in two weeks. We have asked that the program start in February, which is not short notice, because it has been ready since last year. However, if it also starts in June this year, the same as in 2013, it will have disastrous consequences,” Popovici said.
When asked what the alternative to the government project on renewing the national car park will be in 2015, the APIA official mentioned discussions are being had in this respect, but the lending activity needs to be unblocked.
According to AFM (the Environmental Fund Administration), Romanians have purchased 13,400 new cars through the ‘2013 Rabla Program’ and around 19,900 over ten-year-old cars ended up in junkyards. 690 of the total number of purchased cars also included EcoBonuses.

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