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September 25, 2021

Ridzi to challenge the five-year prison sentence

The Supreme Court has decided to maintain the seizure on one apartment, half a house, and one land property owned by the former Minister of Youth and Sports.

Monica Iacob-Ridzi, the former Minister of Youth and Sports who was sentenced by ICCJ (the High Court of Cassation and Justice) to five years imprisonment for abuse of office in connection with the public events organized in 2009 on the National Youth Day, believes the court’s decision is “completely unjustified,” given the evidence she has presented to the court, realitatea.net informs. Ridzi stated she would challenge the sentence, in the hope that the higher court will take into account “the limitations and responsibilities that come with occupying the position of minister, in light of the evidence on file.” The former Minister of Youth claims she has provided the court with evidence which proves she did not make payments through payment orders.
Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has decided to maintain the seizure on Monica Iacob Ridzi’s apartment in Petrosani, an incorporated area, and half a house she is the co-owner of. Moreover, all 11 defendants implicated in this case have been bound to pay RON 25.311 each in criminal legal expenses and RON 12,000 each in legal expenses for settlement of the case on the merits.
Predoiu: Judges become more ‘mature’
“Ours is the only party with the internal ethics code that prevented Mrs. Ridzi’s candidacy for a second term. (…) This is the practical result. (…) I would like to focus on the positive aspects, namely that Justice is carrying out its task regardless of the defendant’s position. Magistrates are becoming more mature,” Catalin Predoiu, First Vice-Chairman of PDL, stated in an interview published yesterday by Adevarul daily newspaper. The former Minister of Justice said Romania “has overcome the hiding-problems-under-the-rug phase.” “We had higher expectations from the Ponta administration. The Prime Minister knows full well how important the MCV is. (…) We are fighting to improve politics, fighting against corruption on all fronts. The ultimate test is always governance, the very test the Ponta administration failed. Political file-based approaches are out of the question. We must move beyond politicizing Justice,” the Liberal Democrat concluded.

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