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October 21, 2020

Collage play “Paris, mon amour” returns to Bucharest

The Metropolis Theater in Bucharest will be hosting the event.

Today at 7.00 p.m., the Metropolis Theater in Bucharest presents “Paris, mon amour” by Razvan-Ioan Dinca, a collage play which takes viewers on a trip that reveals the endlessly surprising charm of Parisian bohemian life to the enticing tunes of chansons.
Continuing the ample countrywide tour started in the 2012/2013 season by the Ion Dacian Opereta and Musical Theater, the play returns on the Bucharest stage through two representations – the first two held in Bucharest this year (editor’s note – one of which took place last evening), according to a press release cited by Mediafax. Since the onset, “Paris, mon amour” has been played in over 10 towns throughout the country and is the show with the largest number of national tour representations.
According to the cited source, “Paris, mon amour” is more than a play; it is a journey through the tiny narrow streets of Paris and an invitation to get to know its famous characters, brought to life by theater artists. Together with artists from the Operetta and Musical Theater, director Razvan-Ioan Dinca has created a colorful universe filled with fascinating characters – from wanderers, flower girls, and organ grinders, to poets, painters, and conjurers. “For this specific play, I needed one storyline – one through which tourists, in our case the spectators, can perceive Paris with all its life sequences, natural connections, parallel plans, and specific determinations. ‘Paris, mon amour’ is, if you will, a series of life sequences portrayed using parallel plans: in the foreground we have two lovers, and in the background an artist who dies while a flower girl sells flowers to café customers.”
On the one hand, the setting created by Sabina Spatariu helps outline the picture of a potential Paris – not necessarily the real, actual city – as it draws its inspiration from antique photographs of streets, cabarets, and Parisian bistros, while on the other, the music arranged and re-orchestrated by conductor Lucian Vladescu anchors the events into reality and conveys the mood of an era responsible for blasé, simple, and very cantabile chansons, in contrast with the historical upheaval of the two world wars.
Tickets can be purchased from the Metropolis Theater and National Opera of Bucharest box offices, as well as online at tickets.operanb.ro.

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