New Penal Code of Penal Procedure comes into force Saturday

Premier Victor Ponta announced Wednesday that the new Penal Code, along with the Code of Penal Procedure, will come into force Saturday, February 1. “I hope we will not be in the embarrassing situation to see those which adopted them, former prime minister Boc, former Justice minister Mr. Predoiu, say that the codes are bad. I sincerely believe that the justice system is prepared, that these are modern codes,” Ponta said at the beginning of the weekly cabinet meeting of Wednesday, quoted by Agerpres. The minister of Justice, Robert Cazanciuc explained that the professionals of the judiciary system know the provisions of these codes and the only problems that must be solved are older. “The system is largely prepared. There were many projects for getting it ready, people know its provisions. Of course, over the last two years there has been a very intense effort, of four codes, as it almost never happened to anybody in Europe. Like at every beginning, there still are things to be solved, but which come from long time ago,” the minister of Justice mentioned.

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