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October 31, 2020

PMP to hold congress in March

The Popular Movement Party boost their ranks with the registration of Elena Udrea and other seven defectors from PDL who joined Traian Basescu’s new party.

PMP will hold a congress in Bucharest by mid-March to elect its leadership, announced PMP Vice-Chairman Adrian Papahagi on Saturday at Sighisoara. He is one of the party founders. He added there will be a technical and political clear “values Decalogue”  and that PMP is a party based on a growth logic, as opposed to “those who are 100 km  away” (PDL Directory Committee in Brasov), who participate in some sort of ‘funeral’.
Present at the event just a day since she joined PMP, deputy Elena Udrea said the party wants to have a two-figure score at the European Parliament elections, saying the Popular Movement should be the ‘political revelation’ in 2014. “PMP can support a runner with real chances to the Presidency of Romania and we hope that candidate will be the only one from the right-wing,” said Udrea, quoted by Mediafax. She added the party is working to reach this target. “We proposed to make politics in other manner, compared to that made by the already consecrated parties, different from USL politics and different from that of the parties in the opposition. … The only one who was an obstacle in front of USL lately in Romania was Traian Basescu. From this moment on, the Popular Movement Party stands alongside the President to fight with the USL ruling coalition, to unmask the incompetence and corruption of the incumbent power.” In addition, she pointed out that more party switches are on the way. “Also in the period to come, many politicians, as well as many people still affiliated to no party, will definitely take the decision to join our party,” the former development minister said.
She also said that PMP, as an opposition party, will make its voice heard. “We shall not whisper and USL is aware of the fact that the Popular Movement Party needs no power privilege and is incorruptible.”  When asked how she comments on the statements made by PDL Vice Chairman Cezar Preda about the recent party switches, Udrea said that PDL is losing important figures because of people being at the helm of the party, without truly winning any elections. “I learnt from a politician, from the greatest politician (allusion to Traian Basescu – editor’s note), that in politics if one does not gather votes, one is of little value. Why should I comment on the statements of somebody who lost all political battles he has engaged in, all electoral battles, who never achieved credibility in front of the electorate, somebody who was never able to win elections, either on his own or with his party,” Udrea said in connection to her former party colleague Cezar Preda. On the other hand, she said she did not speak to Elena Basescu about a possible transfer of hers to PMP and that she invited nobody in particular to join the party.
PMP numbers 15 MPs
PMP Chairman Eugen Tomac announced on Friday in Sighisoara that currently, his party has 15 MPs, with the new members from PDL being Camelia Bogdanici, Florin Secara, Mihai Rogojan, Florin Gheorghe, Dragos Gunia, Andrei Volosevici and Florin Popescu. In addition, Elena Udrea, Cristian Preda, Daniel Funeriu and Gabriel Berca are also among the members. On the other hand, Tomac said that the party’s objective is to further reinforce, and on Nov. 9, the candidate of PMP to be the one building on the project of Traian Basescu, adding that the most suitable moment to discuss about this candidate is after the EP election.
Ponta: PDL, worthy opponent after getting rid of Basescu and Udrea
PSD leader, Prime Minister Victor Ponta says that only now be became a little concerned with the activity of PDL, because this party become a worthy opponent after having get ridden of  Basescu and Udrea acting like “ball and chains”. “(…) Starting from this moment, PDL becomes a worthy opponent to PSD. Until now, PDL were as if shackled with Basescu and Udrea as ball and chains. They got rid of them, we’ll fight the PDL as the main opposition party,” said Ponta. In reply, the former minister of transports in the PDL Cabinet said the Premier’s “concern” with her leaving the PDL party “does more harm than good,” to the Democrat Liberals. She said Ponta’s remarks are some kind of “jokes”, underscoring that instead of handling the snow-related issues, he “is concerned about Elena Udrea’s decision to leave PDL.”

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